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Terms and Conditions


Effective June 11, 2022

We have a onetime Registration Fee of $25.00 (all prices, costs, and fees, herein, are in US Dollars), which will appear on your first invoice. PayPal ( is currently our only accepted method of payment. Once registered as a client, we will provide you with the product shipping address.

New clients will be billed upon completion of processing each order, with payment due prior to shipping. Product will be released for shipment immediately upon receipt of payment. Once established as a compliant account, we will bill biweekly, invoicing the 1st and the 15th of each month, with payment due no later than the 10th and 25th of each month, respectively. If payment is past due, product will not be shipped until the balance is paid in full. If payment is not made in full within 30 days from invoice date, a past-due fee of $20 will accrue weekly. If full payment, including fees, is not received within 60 days from invoice date, all product will be forfeit. An account with no outbound activity within 60 days will be closed and notice will be given two weeks prior to the closing date. Any remaining product will be forfeit. Exceptions include reasonable allowance for vacation time with prior notice or emergency situations.

Our processing time is 24 to 72 business hours, beginning when all the items are received, and an approved shipping plan is available. Exceptions include: extra-large orders; atypical sized items or preparation; hazardous weather; illness; occasional vacation; an additional 24 hours may be needed from October through December. Shipping is also dependent on Amazon's warehouse approval.

Products will be stored for no more than 30 days, unless awaiting warehouse approval from Amazon. After 30 days, all remaining approved products will be subject to a monthly fee of $30 per month. If circumstances necessitate, you may be asked to temporarily suspend shipment of any new orders to us. Exceptions include reasonable allowance for vacation time with prior notice or emergency situations. Significant changes in product types, sizes, prepping needs or major quantity increases require notice before being drop shipped. Damaged, expired and “extra” products will be discarded after 30 days unless otherwise advised via email. You will be responsible for any costs associated with alternate handling of non-discarded items.

Individual items must weigh 30lbs or less. Amazon requires each box in a shipment to be 50lbs or less. Boxes will not weigh more than 45lbs. When preparing your shipment, we will use the least number of boxes possible. You pay shipping directly, however, we can prepare your shipments for you via Amazon Seller Central with your permission, free of charge. Alternatively, we can provide you with the shipment specs and you can send us the shipping labels. WE ship out via United Parcel Service (UPS), Amazon preferred carrier.

Copies of orders, receipts and packing slips will be kept for up to one year, then discarded.

Returns: IF an item is damaged or does not meet seller specifications (as provided to us), we will take a photo and email it to you with a description of damage, condition, etc. Cost will be for packaging supplies only, there is no charge for processing the return for you. Seller will provide return shipping label. If a whole shipment appears to be damaged, we may refuse delivery with the carrier for you. Once your purchased product has been received and stocked in our facility, it is subject to a $5.00 fee per return to the store in the event you decide not to sell a product, or do not have Amazon approval, with 4 complimentary store returns allowed per month.

Pallet deliveries: We can accommodate and accept boxes delivered on a pallet but do not ship out via pallet. There is a $10.00 recycling fee for pallets.

All items shall be new and in good condition. Shoes must arrive in a shoe box per Amazon requirements and in good condition. We accept online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, private label and wholesale but do not currently process liquidations.

We do not process hazmat items or those requiring hazardous shipping. However, we do accept personal hygiene items such as make-up, powder, perfumes, lipstick, etc.

Books: We accept new, unused books only.

Pricing: Per attached pricing list.

Magpies Prep and Ship, LLC and employees are not responsible for any lost or undelivered items or packages.

We reserve the right to update our pricing, terms or conditions at any time. Any pending orders prior to the updates will continue to be processed with the previous pricing/terms/conditions. Orders received after notification of updates will be considered as acceptance of the new pricing/terms/conditions. We reserve the right to refuse shipments, if necessary.

To indicate your full understanding and acceptance of our pricing, terms and conditions, please initial the previous page, the Pricing List and complete the following information, sign, date and return to us at

Your Name: __________________________ Store Name: ____________________________

Signature: ______________________________________ Date: _____________

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Terms and Conditions: FAQ
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