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Magpies Prep and Ship, LLC

Your Friendly, SALES TAX-FREE Fulfillment by Amazon Logistics Source

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What We Do

You send us your product directly, sales tax-free.

We receive the product, inspect it and inventory it promptly.

We then prepare the order according to Amazon FBA requirements.

Finally, we process your shipment to the Amazon Fulfillment Center.

It's simple and easy!

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Magpies Prep and Ship, LLC Services


We will inspect all incoming inventory with utmost care.  All packages are unboxed, unwrapped and checked for accuracy.  We will make sure nothing is damaged or broken and remove or cover any price tags as requested.


Each item we receive will be checked and verified with the inventory slips we receive.  All quantities and specifications of items will be checked as well.  Any and all variances will be sent to you via email.


There is no charge for the processing of returns.  The only costs will be for packaging with no packaging cost for recycled boxes.  If we receive anything damaged or out of your specifications, we will photograph it and email you a picture with a detail of the damage.   We will wait for you to initiate a return with your supplier.  Once this is done, we will use the shipping label you provide and ship back to the supplier

Prepping & Packaging

We prepare your product items according to your business needs while following the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) guidelines.  Prepping your packages can include:  applying FNSKU labels and other labels (ex. suffocation warnings), poly bagging, fragile item bubble wrap, boxing, bundling, specialty needs and final packaging.  When we receive the product we will prep, package and do final processing within 24 to 72 hours.  Some shipments are able to be processed the same day.  Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Shipment Plan

After product prep, an Amazon shipment plan is prepared: if you prepare the shipment, you will send us the shipping labels to affix to your outgoing packages; or, we can prepare your shipment for you free of charge (with delegated, limited access to do so).  Allowing us to prepare your shipment not only gives you back more free time, but it streamlines the process, getting your shipment out that much more quickly.  Finally, we place shipping labels and required Amazon content labels on each package and ship to the specified Amazon Fulfillment Center / warehouse using Amazon Preferred Carrier UPS Ground. We box your items in good, sturdy boxes helping to ensure their safe delivery.


Products will be stored for up to 14 days in our facility, unless awaiting warehouse shipment approval from Amazon.


Magpies Prep and Ship is family owned and operated.  Customer service is our main concern.  We will always do our best to reach out to you as soon as possible when you contact us!

Cost Saving Measures

Besides our competitive prices, we will make every effort to save you costs whenever possible. Your outgoing shipments are combined into the least number of parcels possible within guidelines and per Amazon’s dispatch. We use recycled boxes as our first choice and also utilize continuous roll poly bags that are heat sealed to custom size so you’re not paying for unnecessary excess.  Finally, by way of our facility being located in Montana, a sales tax-free state, you will automatically save up to 9.5% in cost on drop-shipped orders!


Unsure if your FBA logistics needs fall within our framework?  No problem!  We will work with you to customize a processing plan to fit your unique needs!

Service Details

Please see our current Terms and Conditions for further details on services and scope of work. 

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Opening Hours

Mountain Time Zone

Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun and Holidays: Closed

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